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Tournament Summary Report column labels
« on: March 19, 2021, 09:53:41 pm »
Doug -

It seems to me that the labels of the columns on the Tournament Summary Report are not quite right.  This report lists all the teams and the number of times they were picked to have won each round.

The column labels are currently "1st Round", "2nd Round", "Field of 16", "Field of 8", "Field of 4" and "Finals".  This isn't really right - the first column should be "Field of 32" (if a team wins the first game, they are in the field of 32).  So the "2nd Round" column should be "Field of 16", which is currently the label of the third column (not counting the "Team Name" column here).

For the remaining columns, I suggest "Elite 8" or "Field of 8", then "Final Four", "Final Two" and "Winner" (or actually "Champ", as you use on other reports).

Of course, this is a very minor issue, as it is pretty obvious what all the numbers represent.  I don't need TT to be updated just for this, but it might be good to adjust it for the future.

Thanks for Turbo Tourney every year!  I've been running a 'friends and family' pool since 1999.  I would say "Go Cats" but Kentucky isn't even in the tournament this year!

- Keg Dude