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NFL Week 1 Template Posted
« on: May 31, 2021, 08:47:10 am »
The NFL Week 1 Template has been posted along with the updated Template Setup for this year's season.  Before you get started with your NFL pool be sure to select the Help menu, then Check For Template Setup Changes to update Turbo Tourney Pro 2021 with the latest template configurations.  This year's setup is a little different since there are 18 weeks instead of the usual 17 weeks. 

PLEASE NOTE:  if you are converting any previous season pool file to the 2021 version format it will still only be setup for 17 weeks, not 18 weeks.  To get around this, once you load your converted pool file into Turbo Tourney Pro 2021 select the Tournament menu, then Setup.  If the Tournament Settings say "Involves 17 Weeks" then switch your template to any other week in the NFL season and it should change to "Involves 18 Weeks" and click OK.  Then go back to the Tournament Setup and select the week you want, most likely Week 1, and then you will be all set.  If you have any issues/questions just let me know.

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