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The registration number is generated based on your name, city, state and zip code information so you should verify that you are entering this information EXACTLY as it was listed in the message you received with the registration number.

Other things to verify:

1)  Make sure you are entering a registration number that is valid for the version you are using.  For example, a registration number for Turbo Tourney 2003 will not work for Turbo Tourney 2004.

2)  Make sure you have installed the correct product (Regular or Pro).  Many people mistakenly download the Pro version but then order the Regular version and the registration numbers will not work.

3)  Many people also enter their Address in the City field.

This could be caused by a variety of things so it may take some troubleshooting:

1)  Of course, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.  If you are using dial-up you will need to first connect to the internet.

2)  Make sure that you do not have any firewall software that is blocking the programs access to the internet.

3)  Select the View menu and then Preferences.  On the Preferences window select the Connection tab.  Is the Check For Connection option selected?  If so, try unchecking this option and see if that helps.

4)  Also on this screen, check the Access Type setting.  Usually Default works but sometimes it needs to be set to Direct.  If you are on a Proxy Server this should also be set accordingly.

In general, the most common reason that the program cannot access the internet is that firewall software on your computer is blocking the program.

Errors and Error Codes / I am getting a 12150 error. How do I fix this?
« on: February 23, 2021, 09:41:59 am »
You most likely have some kind of firewall that is blocking the program from accessing the internet?  This error is almost always caused by this.

You will need to configure your firewall to allow the Turbo Tourney program to access the internet.  If you don't know how to do this, you will need to look for help related to the software that you are using as each vendor is different.

We do know that if you are running Norton that you must turn off Internet Security as just allowing the program access is not enough to get past the Norton security feature.

We have seen a few cases in which a client's firewall blocks the download of the update or install files that are posted on our website. If a file download from our site consistently stops after a short time and/or receives a message that the file contains adware or spyware, your firewall is probably producing this condition. We believe that such messages are "false positives," a condition which other software vendors are also experiencing with heightened security.

Our update and install files are built with tools from Wise Solutions, a popular vendor of packaging software. As of August 2005, it is a known issue that certain firewall and adware detection programs erroneously flag Wise-related files as containing a variety of adware or other inappropriate content. Wise Solutions has assured us that it is safe for you to override your firewall or adware program to accept our downloads. We take every possible measure to assure that our files are clean, and we run system scans for viruses and adware before we post each update.

Check to see that in "Tournament> Options", on the Players tab, the Route Using field is set to your email field, not your Name field. Then, re-Deploy via Web, Build Website, and upload to your site.

FAQ Admin

This is caused by either testing or allowing pre-registrations.  During that time,regions weren't set.  Now they are.  You must download all the pre-registrations (accept the errors, they won't hurt anything), and as you get new entries, you won't get the error message.

FAQ Admin

When you order Turbo Tourney you will receive a registration number that will convert the demo version to a full version. You should visit our download area and download the Turbo Tourney demo version. After you install it you will be prompted to enter the registration number from the order process to convert this to a full version.

When you order Turbo Tourney what you get depends on what you order. You will always receive a registration number that can be used to convert the demo version of Turbo Tourney to a full version. You will only receive a physical copy of the software if you select a shipping method other than by download. By selecting the download shipping method you are saying that you will save the cost of shipping by downloading the software from our download area. This is the demo version of the software so you will need to enter your registration number to convert it to a full version. There is no functional difference between the demo version and the full version.

No, Turbo Tourney is always full release, not an update, so you do not need to have a previous version installed to use it.  Additionally, do not install the program over your previous version, always install it into it's own folder on your computer.

Just login to your account and select the Order History link in the Your Account section.  All of your Turbo Tourney orders will show up here along with a link to download the program.  You can also view your registration information here.

Turbo Tourney is intended for use with the college basketball tournament only as it supports the 64-team bracket only.  You can also use Turbo Tourney for Sweet Sixteen pools as well.

Turbo Tourney Pro supports any size of tournament bracket from 2 teams to 64 teams so can accomodate many other types of tournaments. The Pro version also contains built in templates for many other sporting events in addition to the college basketball tournament.

Product Features / Do I need to upgrade every year?
« on: February 23, 2021, 09:38:19 am »
The short answer is definitely No.  You are not required to upgrade every year.  You can still use any previous version of the software to run your pool as the software itself never expires.

However, there are certain services we provide that are only included in the price of the software for one season so if you want to continue to use these services you would need to be on the current version of the software.

These services are:

1) Downloadable Pairings and Results information
2) Deploy via Web (Simple and Basic)

So, if you don't mind entering the pairings and results yourself and you do not need to use our web site to process your pool entries then you can continue using your version of the software as long as you like without any problem.  (assuming that the format of the tournament stays the same)

Also note that the Internet Add-On service must be renewed each year.

For more details on this, please click on the link below for information about this policy:

The question of how many pools can I run with the Internet Add-On feature comes up often.  This answer is based on one (1) internet add-on package.

You can run one pool for each type of pool that the software you have can run.  To explain further this would mean you can run a NCAA Men's pool, and Woman's pool a NIT pool and any other forms of the basketball pools or any other pools that the software supports.  The internet add-on will let you do them all at the same time, but you can only do one (1) of any type of pool.

If you have the TTPro version you can also run all of the other pool types like golf, NFL, hockey, etc. on the internet add-on and the same rules
apply, 1 pool for each pool type can be running via the internet add-on.

If you want a 2nd Internet Add-on then you need to log into your account and order just the Internet Add-on again.  Then you need to register a 2nd account on, then send an email to stating that you want a 2nd add-on and provide both email addresses
that the accounts are under.  Doug will then just move that 2nd internet add-on purchase to the 2nd account.

Note:  TTPro Version is the only version that supports other pool types.  The standard version of TT will only do 1 men's basketball pool, 1 women's basketball pool, and 1 sweet-16 bracket.

FAQ Admin

The most common reason for this is simply a misunderstanding of how Underdog Scoring works in the program.  The main thing to remember is that a player MUST make an underdog pick to be rewarded for underdog points.

So, to get points for Underdog Scoring a player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game as an underdog AND that team must win the game as an underdog (regardless of who they play).

Let's use the following example:

Player A picks a #7 Seed to beat a #2 Seed  (this IS an underdog pick)
Player B picks a #7 Seed to beat a #15 Seed (this IS NOT an underdog pick)

If #7 Seed beats #2 Seed - Underdog Points are awarded to Player A but not Player B
If #7 Seed beats #15 Seed - Points are NOT awarded to either player

See the Tubo Tourney Online Manual for more details and scoring examples.

When you signed-up for the service, you should have received an email with all the details on how to use the Internet Add-on as well as a listing of URL's for your web site. You can also log in to your account and select the Add-On Manager link in the Your Account section.  This screen will show you all of your hosted pools and their URL's.

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