Author Topic: I am using Underdog Scoring and the program is not scoring my pool correctly. Why?  (Read 357 times)


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The most common reason for this is simply a misunderstanding of how Underdog Scoring works in the program.  The main thing to remember is that a player MUST make an underdog pick to be rewarded for underdog points.

So, to get points for Underdog Scoring a player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game as an underdog AND that team must win the game as an underdog (regardless of who they play).

Let's use the following example:

Player A picks a #7 Seed to beat a #2 Seed  (this IS an underdog pick)
Player B picks a #7 Seed to beat a #15 Seed (this IS NOT an underdog pick)

If #7 Seed beats #2 Seed - Underdog Points are awarded to Player A but not Player B
If #7 Seed beats #15 Seed - Points are NOT awarded to either player

See the Tubo Tourney Online Manual for more details and scoring examples.

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